Make it happen: sustainable business operations with ABN AMRO Impact Nation

Menno van Leeuwen sees both opportunity and urgency to link companies to innovative startups and accelerate sustainable ambitions. Not with grand plans, but by tackling one challenge at a time. 5 questions about this approach and why he has a soft spot for Leafcloud.

By Guy Pathak - April 29, 2021

How to internationalize routing in Svelte & Sapper

We’ve been working on translating our site ( to Dutch, because, well, we’re a Dutch (and green) cloud provider. But Svelte and Sapper have made it a little difficult. Update: I’ve updated this post with a new solution! Scroll to the bottom. This post is specifically to explain how to make a Sapper site which […]

By Thatcher Peskens - March 4, 2021

A production-ready PostgreSQL on Kubernetes with KubeDB

This is a tutorial to show you how to use Appscode’s KubeDB and Stash to create a database on Kubernetes and setup a system for regular backups in a reliable way.

By Thatcher Peskens - February 23, 2021

Make it happen: groene cloud oplossing voor

“De energieconsumptie van onze sector is iets waar wij ons zorgen over maken”

By Guy Pathak - February 22, 2021

A revolution in cloud sustainability

The way the cloud is run in its current form is woefully outdated. Using a warehouse as a computer case is a relic from the ’80s and ’90s.

By David Kohnstamm - January 27, 2021

Using A.I. to generate meaningful passwords

Learn how to create a password generator that uses A.I. to generate strong, meaningful passwords.

By Jegor van Opdorp - December 10, 2020