Welcome to Wallaby

We’ve upgraded our infrastructure to OpenStack Wallaby, enhancing Security and Cross-Project Integration.

What this means for you

Wallaby is the 23rd release of OpenStack. Besides improvements to OpenStack core, it makes improvements to role-based access control (RBAC) and integration with other open-source projects including Ceph, Kubernetes and Prometheus to strengthen open infrastructure for cloud native applications.

Enhanced support for other open-source projects:

  • Kolla (production-ready containers and deployment tools)
  • Prometheus version 2
  • Magnum (API service) updated versions for Kubernetes and containerd
  • Cinder (block storage service) added support for a Ceph backend driver, Ceph iSCSI

Take a look at the Wallaby release notes for more details.  

What’s next

We’re not sitting still. Preparations are well underway for our upgrade to Yoga, OpenStack’s 24th release, which we expect to implement in January of 2023.