Leafcloud launches first truly green public cloud service which stops energy waste

By: Thatcher Peskens - October 9, 2020 ~ 2 min read

Amsterdam, October 9, 2020 – Today a new public cloud is launched. Amsterdam based Leafcloud offers, for the first time, a truly green alternative for scalable cloud hosting. Leafcloud is the first public cloud service which stops energy waste by moving servers to 3rd party buildings and delivering heat locally. With its smart solution up to 85% of the heat is re-used. Leafcloud was created to fight energy waste and to minimize the carbon footprint of the cloud industry.

Datacenters are champions in wasting energy

In 2020 the use of cloud services has been further accelerated. The worldwide lockdown and working from home has caused people to do more online. With the increased usage of cloud services their energy wastage has also become under increased scrutiny. Datacenters in The Netherlands are now responsible for more than 4% of all electricity consumption. This is more than what the entire city of Amsterdam uses.

Leafcloud solution saves 85% energy waste

Leafcloud has radically re-imagined traditional datacenter infrastructure by putting its servers on so-called Leaf Sites. These are locations such as apartment building and hotels where the heat these servers produce can be used year-round for heating (i.e. tap water). By substituting heat from sources such as natural gas a lot of energy and CO2 emissions are saved. With this solution Leafcloud manages to recycle up to 85% of the waste energy.

Green, secure and reliable

Another innovation is the innovative fiberglass-based distributed architecture which Leafcloud introduces. Customer data is stored safely in a tradional datacenter, while the servers run in connected Leaf Sites kilometers away. In this architecture customers won’t notice this disaggregation, but it allows the system to not only be more green, but also secure and reliable.

“Re-using waste-heat from conventional datacenters is very costly and expensive. That’s why in effect we use the Dutch fiber-optics network to transfer the heat. Moving the servers is much smarter!”​ David Kohnstamm, CEO and co-founder Leafcloud.

Switch today

Companies and individual are now able to sign up for a green hosting solution, powered by Leafcloud. www.leaf.cloud

How Leafcloud heat is delivered to the building
How Leafcloud heat is delivered to the building

Thatcher Peskens

Thatcher Peskens

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