Brunel Solar Team and Leafcloud announce new partnership

Brunel Solar Team, Credits to Hans-Peter van Velthoven

Amsterdam Febuary 2023,

Leafcloud, the truly green cloud provider, is entering into a partnership with the Delft Brunel Solar Team. As a partner, Leafcloud contributes to the research and development of the team’s car, Nuna 12, in the run-up to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

We do not build sustainability alone but through collaborations. As a Bronze Partner, Leafcloud will provide the Solar Team with sustainable, high-end virtual machines, including 300 latest-generation cores. This computing power is used to perform complex calculations and analysis that can aid in designing the aerodynamic shape of their new solar car, Nuna. Leafcloud will fully reuse the energy used to heat tap water in Amsterdam.

Niek de Jong, CEO Leafcloud: “Extremely excited that we can contribute to a project that truly appeals to the imagination and isn't it cool that the gigantic amount of computer power required to create this now also doesn't cause emissions and even cuts natural gas use. As green pioneers, we share a vision of innovation contributing to a sustainable society. And we build that together.”

The Brunel Solar Team of 18 highly motivated students is working full-time on developing a brand-new solar-powered racing car. The team is one of the best-known and most successful solar teams, won the prestigious Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa with Nuna 11 last year, and inspires people worldwide in sustainability and innovation.

Jort Simons, Aerodynamics Brunel Solar Team: "When we were introduced to Leafcloud, we immediately felt it was right. Leafcloud increases our computing power, giving us more data and allowing us to develop an even faster solarcar. Their commitment ensures that we can take maximum advantage of their service. Because of our overlapping visions in the area of sustainability, our collaboration came very naturally."

Currently Nuna 12 is in the final stage of the design process, in a month the production of the latest version of the solar car will start and in the summer it will be finished.

For more information about the Brunel Solar Team, please click here. To find out more about Leafcloud, please visit our website.