The truly sustainable cloud

Using server heat to replace fossil fuels

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90% Less Wasteful

Did you know that in the Netherlands more than 4% of all electricity is consumed by datacenters?

Because we re-use the heat our servers produce, we are up to 10x more energy efficient than a typical datacenter.

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At a price you can afford

Not needing to build datacenters and run expensive cooling systems doesn’t just save energy, it also saves a lot of money. So, you get lower prices.

GPU systems with the newest Nvidia A100 chips are coming. Talk to us about availability.

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Sign up for the BETA now & receive €100 credit!

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“Leafcloud has proven to be a reliable hosting platform and we think their sustainable concept is great”

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“As a green and progressive provider, Leafcloud aligns well with our values. Also, their support has been very responsive and cooperative.”


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Web Applications

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Big Data and Analytics

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