Object Storage (S3-Compatible)

Object storage allows for the retention of massive amounts of unstructured data. Each object includes the data, variable metadata, and a unique key, unlike block storage.

Benefits of object storage

  • Increased data analytics. Object storage is driven by metadata, and with this classification level for every piece of data, there’s more opportunity for analysis.
  • Faster data retrieval. Due to the categorization structure of object storage and the lack of folder hierarchy, you can retrieve your data much faster.

  • Cost reduction. Due to the scalable nature of object storage, it's less costly to store all your data.
  • Optimization of resources. Because object storage does not have a filing hierarchy, and the metadata is completely customizable, there are far fewer limitations than file or block storage.
  • Increased scalability. Quickly add large amounts of data.


Due to our unique distributed cloud architecture, we’re able to run our servers at carbon-negative Leaf sites where the residual heat we generate is used to heat water for local use year-round. This means using Leafcloud Object Storage has enormous energy-saving potential.

Reduce energy waste

Leafcloud Leaf sites cut emissions by up to 1691 tons of CO2 annually! That’s more than the average amount of electricity used by over 300 homes each year.
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Use Object storage for

There are multiple use cases for object storage. For example, it can assist you in the following ways:

  • Deliver rich media. Define workflows by leveraging industry-leading solutions for managing unstructured data. Reduce your costs for globally distributed rich media.
  • Manage distributed content. Optimize the value of your data throughout its lifecycle and deliver competitive storage services.

  • Embrace the Internet of Things (IoT). Manage machine-to-machine data efficiently, support artificial intelligence and analytics, and compress the cost and time of the design process.