A cloud you can count on


Each of our cloud servers is protected by several layers of physical security, full-disk encryption and network encryption.


Equipped with the latest XEON processors and speedy SSD's, we're ready for any workload you throw at us.


Our distributed cloud architecture offers 99.99% uptime SLA, and the choice between multiple levels of reliability and durability.

Unique distributed cloud architecture

At Leafcloud an availability zone consists of a best-in-class datacenter with several leaf sites connected to it.

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Your data is safe with us

Your data is safely stored in our Tier-III datacenter, while the work is done at one of our leaf sites.

This unique approach is only possible because each leaf site is connected using our own, dedicated dark-fiber connections.

These connections guarantee extremely low latency between each leaf node and the storage cluster. By default your server is started with remote storage.

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Cloud-Native Ready

Leafcloud is based on OpenStack and completely programmable.

Use popular tools such as Terraform, Rancher, Docker Machine and others. Great for Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads.

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First-Class support for multi-cloud and hybrid

Seamlessly bridge your public cloud services to your Leafcloud Network.

  • Secure connections

    By leveraging direct, private connections between Leafcloud and other public clouds your traffic never passes over the public internet. This also allows for advanced network and routing topologies

  • Low latency, high-bandwidth, and reliable connections

    between your services running on our infrastructure and services you depend on in other clouds

  • Private peering to your datacenter.

    We can offer connections to almost any colocation facility in the Netherlands, even for periods as short as a few days. Great for when you have a lot of data to deal with

  • Reduced Egress costs

    Making a direct connection can save you up to 80% of the egress costs (a major public cloud lock-in)

Use Cases

Leafcloud is the most sustainable way to run lots of processes.
Here, you can find use cases that feature some of the ways our green cloud can work for you.

Kubernetes and Cloud-Native

Leverage Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos and similar orchestration platforms to manage your workloads and exploit the full potential of our platform.

Test, Build and Deploy pipelines

Continuous Integration and continuous deployment (CI/DC), are essential tools to get your products to market faster.

Web Applications

Running test suites to find bugs and other issues. Building and compiling applications and deploying them fully automatically.

High-Performance Compute

High Performance Computing (HPC) helps solve complex problems involving millions of variables, or calculations.

Big Data and Analytics

Digging through massive data sets to uncover hidden patterns requires an enormous amount of throughput. We can provide that in a cost-effective way.

Image and movie Transcoding

Resizing images and movies is hugely CPU intensive. While most cloud providers would rather see you go, we embrace and re-use the energy consumed.