At Leafcloud, we believe in the use of hybrid and multi cloud, and we encourage connecting with others.

So, we've reduced the amount you pay for in- and egress traffic!

Managed Kubernetes? Databases or a full AI pipeline? We've got you covered!

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First-Class support for multi-cloud and hybrid

Seamlessly bridge your public cloud services to your Leafcloud Network.

Secure connections

By leveraging direct, private connections between Leafcloud and other public clouds your traffic never passes over the public internet. This also allows for advanced network and routing topologies

Private peering to your datacenter

We can offer connections to almost any colocation facility in the Netherlands, even for periods as short as a few days. Great for when you have a lot of data to deal with

Low latency, high-bandwidth,

and reliable connections between your services running on our infrastructure and services you depend on in other clouds

Reduced Egress costs

Making a direct connection can save you up to 80% of the egress costs (a major public cloud lock-in)

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Reduce energy waste

Using Leafcloud servers has enormous energy-saving potential. Due to our unique distributed cloud architecture, we’re able to run our servers at carbon-negative Leaf sites where the residual heat we generate is used to heat water for local use year-round.

Leafcloud Leaf sites cut emissions by up to 1691 tons of CO2 annually! That’s more than the average amount of electricity used by over 300 homes each year.

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Unique distributed cloud architecture

Our availability zone consists of a best-in-class data center with several Leaf sites connected to it.


Contact us if you're operating large volumes for additional savings options. We also have solutions to bring egress costs from other clouds down.
*Prices Excl. VAT