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Managed Kubernetes

Update with 1 click
Easily apply certificates
Peerless auto-healing & scaling
Start for €80,- monthlyGive us a call

Use Kubernetes on Leafcloud for....

Simplified Operations
Reliability and High Availability
Resource Efficiency
Start for €80,- monthly

Open-source container management

Perfect for your Enterprise and SMB needs. Start small and scale up when required!

Fully featured and hassle free updates
Deploy a fleet of clusters within minutes
Manage clusters across multiple clouds in a single UI
Exceptional GPU support
Peerless auto-healing & scaling
Personal support to help you on your way
Start for €80,- monthly

Managed Kubernetes? Database solutions or a full AI pipeline?
We've got you covered!

Reliable and secure 🛡️🤺
Personal support 🦄
Built for the planet 🌍
Open source by design and heart 💚
Create a cluster in seconds
Updates are just a click away
Rotate Credentials without breaking a sweat

Choosing Leafcloud means

Powerful hardware and first-class network
Easy management and monitoring
Future-proof network and security tools
Hibernate for optimized resource use
Define using YAML
Drastically reduce carbon emissions
EU-native, no more GDPR compliance questions

Time to containerise? Let's make it sustainable 🍃and affordable!✨

Kubernetes helps you build sustainably: Containers scale up and down with your resource requirments

Did you know...

Leafcloud Leaf sites are built for Kubernetes.
Our unique design and software level redundancy also saves precious resources

Enjoy truly sustainable clusters without compromising

More about this

Make the difference!

Our servers are housed in locations where we can reuse almost all the energy they consume in the form of residual heat.

Because of this, Leafcloud is much more environmentally friendly than other providers. The heat from your workload, provides people in apartment complexes and care homes with a hot shower.

This cuts CO2 emissions, new data centre construction, and costs all-round. In fact, our Leaf sites cut emissions by up to 1691 tons of CO2 annually! Cool, right?