Open-source container management

Perfect for your small and medium-sized business needs. Start small (and for free), then cheaply scale up!

Fast and easy Kubernetes deployments

Create a cluster within minutes and get started with Kubernetes.

Free set-up support

Need help getting started? Please take a look at our FAQ and our documentation for tutorials to help you get on your way and answers to common problems.

If you need additional help, contact Leafcloud support for 2 hours of free set-up support.


Please take a look at our documentation, explainers, and tutorials here to help you get started.

  • Loadbalancing
  • Periodic backups of volumes, using k8s CronJobs
  • NGINX ingress with automatically generated and updated Let’s Encrypt certificates

  • HTTPS termination
  • Cinder based volumes for hosts and pods
  • Secure cluster access
  • autoscaling for Pod & cluster
  • autohealing for clusters

SQL Databases with operator CLI

Using SQL, you can query, update, and reorganize data, create and modify the schema (structure) of a database system, and control access to its data.

  • Database deployment
  • Clustered & highly available
  • Databases
  • Backups

  • Vertical & horizontal scaling
  • PostgreSQL, with CurchyData PGO
  • MariadDB, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and others using KubeDB


Due to our unique distributed cloud architecture, we’re able to run our servers at carbon-negative Leaf sites. This means using Leafcloud servers has enormous energy-saving potential.

Reduce energy waste

Leafcloud Leaf sites cut emissions by up to 1691 tons of CO2 annually! That’s more than the average amount of electricity used by over 300 homes each year.

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Did you know…

Leafcloud’s Leaf sites solution cuts emissions at each site by up to 1691 tons of CO2 annually!

That’s the equivalent of not using nearly 4000 barrels of oil.

Use Kubernetes on Leafcloud for

  • Machine Learning: unparalleled scheduling and scalability.
  • Lift and Shift: move your on-premise apps to the cloud.
  • Microservices: orchestrating complicated apps with many components.
  • Easily scalable: add and resize hosts and pods for horizontal and vertical scaling.

  • Cloud-native network functions: manage your routers, firewalls, and other network functions
  • Reproducible and re-deployable infrastructure: run separate environments for test, staging, and production hassle-free.
  • CI/CD: Increase the performance of your applications with Kubernetes solutions