An Amsterdam based company with a green 💚

Our office and distributed data center are based in the city of Amsterdam.

Not only does this offer us some of the best network connectivity in the world, we are also able to cycle to work!


Picture of david

David Kohnstamm

Hardware & Co-CEO

David is our CEO, and hardware lead. With his experience in immersion cooling, he transforms server heat into a reusable resource.

Picture of thatcher

Thatcher Peskens

Marketing & Chief Business Officer

Thatcher is our Chief Business Officer and likes to think of himself as a business nerd, part nerd, part business development. You'll find him talking to people to understand what they really need, as well as behind the terminal building stuff.

Picture of jegor

Jegor van Opdorp

Platfrom Lead & CTO

Jegor is our CTO and an all-round tech head. He’s our DevOps and software engineer. It’s what he does and what he loves. His friends joke that he likes playing the “settings game” more than playing the game itself.

Picture of wolf

Wolf van de Kamp


Wolf is our hardware expert, transportation guru, and resident mechanic. Whenever anything needs to be moved, installed, or repaired, Wolf has the tools and expertise to get the job done

Picture of guy

Guy Pathak

Sales and Marketing

Guy is our content and sales guy. He helps us get our message across and supplies an inexhaustible well of trivia. For instance, did you know Leafcloud shares its birthday with John Calvin, Nikola Tesla, and Jessica Simpson

Picture of martha

Martha Peskens


Martha is our go to girl for all our administrative and contractional chores. She effortlessly makes the numbers add up and brightens up the office with her sparkly personality.

Picture of niek

Niek de Jong

Business Development & Co-CEO

Niek de Jong is our entrepreneur in residence who is building the Leafcloud business with his extensive go2market experience for technology driven innovations. Niek is a master of translating complex technology into something everyone understands and is willing to buy.

Want to join the team?


We currently don't have any roles posted, but if you feel you would could be a good match, and think you can work with this crazy bunch please do drop us a line!