An Amsterdam company with a green heart

Our office and distributed data center are based in Amsterdam.

Not only does this offer us some of the best network connectivity in the world, we are also able to cycle to work!

Meet the team

David Kohnstamm

Hardware Lead & Chief Sustainability Officer

David is our hardware lead and chief sustainability officer. With his experience building servers and all things thermal, he designs our Leaf sites, transforming server heat into a reusable resource.

Jegor van Opdorp

Platform Lead and CTO

Jegor is our CTO and an all-around tech head. He's our DevOps and software engineer. It's what he does and what he loves. His friends joke that he likes playing the "settings game" more than the game itself.

Mohamed Galal

Site Reliability and Deployment Engineer

Galal is a driven engineer and makes reliability look easy. He loves Linux, knows how to unravel complicated challenges, and has a knack for solving spooky mysteries.

Giljam Nijsse

Customer Relations

Giljam thinks like you, so you don't have to. He's our client's advocate within Leafcloud, pushing on your behalf to make stuff work with minimal effort and keep it priced attractively. He loves services that exceed your expectations, and like you, he dislikes overpaying with a passion.

Guy Pathak

Content and Marketing

Guy is our content and marketing guy. He helps us get our message across and supplies an inexhaustible well of trivia. For instance, did you know Leafcloud shares its birthday with John Calvin, Nikola Tesla, and Jessica Simpson.

Niek de Jong


Niek de Jong is our entrepreneur in residence. He builds the Leafcloud business with his extensive go2market experience for technology-driven innovations. Niek is a master of translating complex technology into something everyone understands and is willing to buy.