An Amsterdam company with a green heart

Leafcloud is the answer to a growing IT landscape, providing a green, open, and affordable alternative to the US-dominated, lock-in driven, and environmentally taxing cloud industry. Our mission is to revolutionize the cloud industry by pioneering the first European, open, and eco-friendly top-tier public cloud.

We're committed to true sustainability. We harness residual heat at our Leaf sites, reducing energy wasted cooling servers and grey energy used to heat urban buildings. This results in an ERE of 0.15, over 10 times more efficient than traditional data centers.

Not building data centers saves money and the environment. By utilizing existing buildings, we minimize our environmental impact, ensuring a low-cost, rent-free model that benefits both our clients and the residents.

Our foundation is built on open-source software, offering accessible APIs and standards that break down barriers and provide unparalleled flexibility for seamless multi-cloud solutions.

As a Dutch company, Leafcloud prioritizes data security and compliance with European regulations, safeguarding personal data within the EU and maintaining ISO 27001 & SOC2 certifications through annual audits.

We are the pioneers of a different cloud—infused with DevOps innovation and a profound care for our planet. Our goal is not just to disrupt the cloud landscape but to lead and accelerate the development of sustainable cloud infrastructure.

Together, we strive to allow IT to flourish while shrinking its ecological footprint.

Our office and distributed data center are located in Amsterdam. Not only does this offer the best network connectivity in the world, we can also cycle to work!

Meet the team

David Kohnstamm
Hardware Lead and Chief Sustainability Officer

David is our hardware lead and chief sustainability officer. With his experience building servers and all things thermal, he designs our Leaf sites, transforming server heat into a reusable resource.

Jegor van Opdorp
Platform Lead and CTO

Jegor is our CTO and an all-around tech head. He's our DevOps and software engineer. It's what he does and what he loves. His friends joke that he likes playing the "settings game" more than the game itself.

Mohamed Galal
Site Reliability and Deployment Engineer

Galal is a driven engineer and makes reliability look easy. He loves Linux, knows how to unravel complicated challenges, and has a knack for solving spooky mysteries.

Tim van Rooijen
DevOps and Kubernetes Engineer

Tim lives and breathes DevOps. He loves Kubernetes so much that he's containerized every aspect of his life.

Giljam Nijsse
Customer Relations

Giljam thinks like you, so you don't have to. He's our client's advocate within Leafcloud, pushing on your behalf to make stuff work with minimal effort and keep it priced attractively. He loves services that exceed your expectations, and like you, he dislikes overpaying with a passion.

Quinten Toor
Business analytics and Youtube star

Quinten is like a human tech-business blender! One moment he's breaking down how our product works like a tech wizard, and the next, he's diving into analytics like there's no tomorrow. From creating Youtube tutorials to prospecting growth. He wants to make sure you get the best of our product.

Guy Pathak
Content and Marketing

Guy is our content and marketing guy. He helps us get our message across and supplies an inexhaustible well of trivia. For instance, did you know Leafcloud shares its birthday with John Calvin, Nikola Tesla, and Jessica Simpson.

Niek de Jong

Niek de Jong is our entrepreneur in residence. He builds the Leafcloud business with his extensive go2market experience for technology-driven innovations. Niek is a master of translating complex technology into something everyone understands and is willing to buy.