New support ticket system

Jegor van Opdorp Leafcloud CTO in a field with a laptop

As our company and the services we offer grow, we want to make sure you continue to receive the best possible support experience. That's why we're introducing our new support ticketing system, designed to streamline and simplify the support request process. 

Need a question answered? No problem! Send us an email describing what's happening, and we'll handle it. Our new centralized platform allows you to easily submit support requests to [your-company-name] (i.e., and receive timely updates on the progress. Submitting your questions through this system will ensure that your query is always handled by the appropriate person.  

We understand that quality support is critical and want to provide the best experience possible. In addition to improving the customer support experience, our new ticketing system also allows us to identify opportunities for improvement, ensuring that we always provide the best possible service.

We are always looking for ways to improve, and your feedback will help us, so let us know what you think.