Leafcloud joins the SDIA

Amsterdam, February 2022 

Leafcloud today announces that it has joined the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance. This pan-European organization helps develop strategies crucial to a sustainable and durable digital infrastructure, that can propel positive development across Europe.  

The SDIA is the systems coordinator for the digital sector, a collaborative platform for the entire value chain to come together and solve the barriers to a sustainable digital economy and unlocks collaboration across the entire ecosystem to achieve Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030.

By partnering with the SDIA, Leafcloud will expand our network of like-minded individuals in the vanguard of sustainable development and as part of the working groups will be able to further contribute to the growing push towards sustainable and open digital infrastructure.

"The SDIA's independence and ambitious roadmap match our vision for a more sustainable and transparent Europe." - Thatcher Peskens, Chief Business Officer Leafcloud.

You can find out more about the SIDA and its membership opportunities here

Leafcloud and SDIA