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Truly Green Cloud

European cloud services radically greener than Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS

  • check Powerful and flexible cloud
  • check Hosted in the Netherlands
  • check Open APIs and dedicated support
  • check At least 85% energy re-used

Carbon Negative: No new data centres

Did you know that by 2030 more than 10% of all electricity in the Netherlands will be consumed by data centers?

At Leafcloud, we house our servers in buildings like apartment complexes, nursing homes, and swimming pools.

That allows us to re-use the energy our servers consume to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Putting it simply: we use our green energy twice. First, to power our servers, and second, to substitute the use of fossil fuel for heating! Learn more >

Leaf Site negative co2 emissions compared with data center types

and affordable?!

Not building data centers that run expensive cooling systems doesn’t just save the environment, it also saves a lot of money. So, you get lower prices!

GPU machines with the latest NVIDIA H100 chips are coming! Talk to us about availability.

Should your cloud provider...

Green cloud compliments the vision of What Leafcloud does with residual heat is smart.
Martijn van Leeuwen
 - Tech Lead at
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Use Cases

Leafcloud is the most sustainable way to run lots of processes. Explore use cases that feature some of the ways our green cloud can work for you:

Kubernetes and Cloud-Native workloads ​

Many applications used today are cloud-based, which is to say that rather than on an employee workstation the software runs on “a server in the cloud”. These applications need to run somewhere but also need to be monitored, updated, upgraded, scaled and sometimes a staging and acceptance environment needs to exist.  ​

To make the development and deployment of such software people often look to Docker containers. This system makes it easy to run the same software everywhere, and move it around. Kubernetes is the de-facto standard for running these container on the cloud.​

Leafcloud solutions

Leafcloud offers fully managed Kubernetes (Leafcloud Kubernetes Service)

Managed Kubernetes by Leafcloud comes with several advantages, like:

  • You don’t need to know how to build, operate, or maintain a Kubernetes cluster
  • No more dealing with Master nodes
  • Easy to manage fleets of fully featured clusters
  • Hassle-free upgrades keep you close to the latest Kubernetes release
  • Unparalleled auto-healing & auto-scaling keeps everything stable and as big or small as you need it to be
  • Deploy to other clouds directly from your Leafcloud environment.

Fully featured
& easy to update
Easily deploy and manage fleets of clusters
Multicloud & multi-cluster friendly
Excellent support for  GPU
Peerless auto-healing & scaling
Tailored support to meet your needs

Leafcloud also offers solutions for easily running various databases. ​Tools that are typically used in concert with these applications include:

What application can you run on Kubernetes (and in Docker)

Any cloud-based software you develop or have developed. Typically, languages used are Python, node.js, Java, Ruby, PHP, Golang but also C++, .NET (core), and many others are supported. ​

  • Terraform ​
  • Helm Charts ​
  • Github, Gitlab and other Git repositories ​
  • Continuous integration pipelines ​
  • Databases such as Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB , ​
  • Message queue’s such as RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis etc. ​

​Running these applications with Kubernetes on Leafcloud ​comes with several benefits:

  • Workloads can be easily scaled to meet demand, or automatically ​
  • Setting up staging and development environments is easy

Machine Learning and AI​

From image recognition, to speech synthesis and from disease detection to autonomous driving, the applications of AI and Machine Learning are endless. Training machine learning models and the running of the models easily surpasses the capacity and manageability of on premise hardware.

Machine learning training is essential but can be environmentally taxing due to new hardware needs, high energy consumption, and a large embedded carbon footprint.


Leafcloud solves this by offering a unique carbon-negative cloud, enabling you to train extensive models while actively reducing carbon emissions. Exact CO2 savings and CSRD ready reporting are available through our API. Our scalable, pay-per-hour CPU and GPU compute performance platform is very flexible and allows almost any model to be trained or run.

Our dark fiber network and proximity to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange ensures top quality speed and connectivity.

Leafcloud is ideal for those with occasional or seasonal hardware resource requirements. Instead of investing in expensive AI training hardware that may sit idle most of the time, you can access dedicated resources on-demand. We consistently update our hardware, giving you access to the latest technology. Hardware upgrades do not necessitate major software rewrites, ensuring smoother transitions when newer hardware is deployed.

Technologies often used ​

There are many different models and frameworks that can be used. But some of the most popular are: ​

Open APIs and unbeatable prices

Don't be at the mercy of a vendor's whims. Avoid lacking compatibility or sudden price hikes to critical parts of the stack. Leafcloud means no reservation costs, flexibility in pricing and structure, and additional discounts available for long term commitments

Big Data​

Companies are increasingly data driven, meaning they need to get insights from many different sources. As the volume of data increases managing the data flows becomes harder and more important. Digging through massive data sets to uncover hidden patterns requires an enormous amount of throughput. Leafcloud provides that in a cost-effective way.


To manage their data companies often look to Open-Source and proprietary applications to load, transform, process and store the data. Popular tools include processing platforms such as: ​​

​​​​And storage solutions such as:  ​
  • Apache Spark ​
  • Apache Flink ​
  • Apache Hadoop ​
  • Apache Storm ​
  • Kafka ​​
  • HPCC Open-source Data Lake ​
  • FerretDB​
  • Cassandra ​
  • Object storage (S3-compatible)

Web Applications

Almost every organization uses web applications today. From a public interactive website, to the core of the product that they sell, often an important part of a business goes through web applications.​ That means running test suites to find bugs and other issues, building and compiling applications, and deploying them fully automatically.


These applications are often deployed on cloud servers. Whether they are normal VM’s, containers or serverless technologies. Often, these web applications are built specifically for the company in code with application frameworks using technologies such as: ​

  • Django  ​
  • PHP; with Laravel, OctoberCMS  ​
  • Javascript Server side: Express, Next.js, Meteor, node.js etcetera ​

  • Single page web applications: React, Vue.js, Angular, Svelte etc. ​
  • Static sites hosted with Nginx or Apache2  ​

Technology Partner

Though partners Leafcloud also offers Forest. A streamlined pipeline for deploying these web applications straight from Git to Leafcloud.

Continuous Integration and Delivery​ (CI/CD)

Continuous Integration and continuous deployment (CI/DC) tools are essential to get your products to market faster. Once your organization has a team involved in the creation of any kind of software, collaboration and code quality assurance can cause friction and delays, unless this part of the software development process is automated. ​


Continuous Integration is typically a process or running tests that is automatically triggered when software is pushed to a repository. Continuous delivery is the step that comes after that. If all the tests have passed software can be automatically deployed to a staging (or even production) environments; getting software updates and improvements to your customers faster. ​

Technologies often used to create these CI/CD pipelines include:

  • Gitlab CI/CD ​
  • Jenkins ​
  • ArgoCD ​
  • Kubernetes ​
  • Drone ​
  • Docker

High Performance Compute

High Performance Computing (HPC) helps solve complex problems involving millions of variables, or calculations. Some applications require these complex calculations to make simulations. For example, in the fields of fluid dynamics, finite element methods, wave simulations and solutions. The problem these companies face is a finite number of existing resources and limited availability. ​


To manage this, specialised batch processing workload managers are used to schedule the workloads across many machines. There are several open-source scheduling software options you can use. Including:

  • Slurm ​
  • Apache Volcano
  • LSF Session Scheduler ​
  • Kubernetes

Image, movie transcoding, and OCR ​

Sometimes you find yourself with large amounts of audio and/or video files that need to be converted to a different format for storage, sharing or processing. Another, somewhat related, task that customers have is optical character recognition. Often from documents that are scanned (from archives) or pictured (think receipts and images).

Resizing images and movies is hugely CPU intensive. While most cloud providers would rather see you go, we embrace and re-use the energy consumed.


There are lots of tools that can help with Image, movie transcoding, and OCR ​on Leafcloud.​ For example:

  • EasyOCR ​
  • Tesseract ​
  • Imagemagick ​
  • FFmpeg  ​


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