Leafcloud vs Microsoft Azure

Azure boasts impressive architecture, but unfortunately, if you’re a small or medium-sized business or an independent developer, all those excess features come with a cost: complexity, risk of being locked into the Microsoft ecosystem, unexpected outages, and possible unwanted billing surprises as a result.

Leafcloud’s truly green cloud is designed for the developer, small, and medium-sized business that values openness, simplicity, and sustainability. Leafcloud offers powerful and extremely reliable servers and gives you a smaller footprint at a lower price.

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Avoid complexity and reduce costs

Most organizations move to the cloud to avoid complexity and reduce costs, but Microsoft Azure can easily add both. Instead, choose a provider that fits your business needs: core services that you actually use, at price and performance levels that match or exceed what the large providers can deliver.


Microsoft is one of the largest purchasers of renewable energy globally, and their reports on their data centers near Dublin mention their efforts to lower their PUE down to below 1.25. They also report using large amounts of renewable energy at their Amsterdam and Denmark locations. Unfortunately, their efforts to re-use residual heat have thus far been characterized as PR theatre, and when pressed, Microsoft admits to not having found a viable method thus far. Recently, Microsoft's plans to construct new data centers in the Netherlands have led to sustained pressure from residents, local government, and the media.

By contrast, Leafcloud servers run at a PUE of about 1.2, but most importantly, our servers are housed at our carbon-negative Leaf sites, where we can re-use most of the energy we use.

This method results in an ERE, or energy re-use effectiveness, of 0.15!

Utilizing all that residual heat makes Leafcloud far more energy-efficient than other providers unable to re-use energy effectively. So, when using Leafcloud, you know that your workloads reduce CO2 emissions by providing hot water to households in the Netherlands.

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Energy re-usage effectiveness

Leafcloud vs.

Microsoft Azure


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Microsoft Azure


Cloud GPUs
Local SSD High Memory VM's
Multi-Cloud support
Managed Kubernetes
Free Cloud Firewall
Free Encrypted Volumes
Free Egress Traffic up to 100GB
Residual Heat Re-used
API, CLI, and user-friendly Cloud Interface
Flat, predictable pricing


Being a careful and responsible consumer often means looking beyond the sticker price and finding out how a company conducts its business.

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Microsoft Azure

Headquartered in the Netherlands
Pays their Fair Share of Taxes
Supports Open Source Solutions
Did Not Annoy Steve Jobs