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By: Guy Pathak - September 1, 2021 ~ 1 min read

It’s already been a year! A whole year of running workloads, cutting CO2 emissions and supplying households with hot water. We’re more confident than ever that the green cloud is here to stay.  

If you’re as excited about Leafcloud as we are then, we have just the thing for you: the Leafcloud referral program! 

With the Leafcloud referral program, you can spread our vision of a truly green cloud and earn rewards along the way. Join the Leafcloud referral program and earn money every time one of your referrals makes a monthly payment.  

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and let’s make the cloud green together!

Guy Pathak

Guy Pathak

Guy is our content and sales guy. He helps us get our message across and supplies an inexhaustible well of trivia. For instance, did you know Leafcloud shares its birthday with John Calvin, Nikola Tesla, and Jessica Simpson

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